Untold Stories

Salvador Dali once said, “The fact that I myself do not understand the meaning of my paintings at the time that I am painting them does not mean that they have no meaning”.

Victor Gashnikov takes a similar approach with his music. He can’t often say what the piece is about when he is working on it. It takes the time to discover the story that music tells.

All compositions are written and performed by Victor Gashnikov.

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These artful pieces are like tiny treasure chests that hold something for everyone, whether its a cathartic effect, a relaxing atmosphere, or a mood lightener.

Samantha StevensThe Littlest Voice

One thing I love about instrumental and classical compositions is the freedom to think as much or as little as the listener would like. I often times let the music become me, embracing it and letting it fill my body, mind and soul. Listening to this album was no different.

Robert FadleyJamBandPurist